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The Global Guru provides analysis, commentary, and curated links about financial markets, investor psychology, mental models of investing financial history, and more.

I’ve been writing The Global Guru in some form since 2006.

It’s been featured in a wide range of media outlets, including:

I cut through Wall Street’s BS to provide a critical, contrarian, and often snarky perspective on the world of finance and investing.

I write little about the daily noise of the global financial markets.

There are plenty of other publications to give you those short-term dopamine hits.

My views are often contrarian, sometimes snarky, but always authentic.

You may not always agree with me.

That’s good.

I aim to provoke – not to polarize.

My motto is “strong opinions, loosely held.”

My goal is that after you read each issue of The Global Guru, you’ll feel that you’ve learned something interesting.

Occasionally, you may even have an “aha moment” that shifts your perspective.

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Who am I?

I was a lawyer when I was little, and practiced law at some of the biggest international law firms in the world. (You can see my short bio here.)

After earning my Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, I shifted gears and became a portfolio manager at the UK’s largest investment manager. Today, it’s known as Janus Henderson.

I then moved to financial publishing in 2005.

I was “The Global Guru” at Eagle Financial Publications for 13 years. I then worked with The Oxford Club for five years, where over 900,000 subscribers received my investment insight each week.

During this period, I was a regular on CNN International, CNBC, and Fox Business News.

I currently edit three publications at Substack.

The Global Guru is my free e-letter, where I cut through Wall Street’s BS to provide a critical, contrarian, and often snarky perspective on the world of finance and investing.

The Bubble Blog where I post snippets of my (ever-expanding) book on the history of financial speculation.

Microcap Moonshots where I offer recommendations from the uniquely profitable, high-risk, high-return world of microcap and small-cap stocks.

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My subscribers include thousands of investors, lawyers, investment bankers, consultants, C-suiters, board-of-director-types, institutions, advisors & regular people who are looking to cut through Wall Street’s mainstream media BS.

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Mr. Vardy. I'm so happy I found you again…I really enjoyed all your opinions and views.

I have read several of the books you recommended (Red Notice comes to mind).

Keep your opinions snarky and raw.

I just wanted to say, keep up the good work!

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Former Harvard lawyer,$1 billion money manager calling out Wall Street's BS narratives. As seen on CNN International, Fox Business, and CNBC Asia.