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Here, I cover many investment-related topics: global investing, the financial history of booms and busts, mental models of investing, and the psychology of speculation.

I write little about the daily noise of the global financial markets.

There are plenty of other publications to give you those short-term dopamine hits.

My views are often contrarian, sometimes snarky, but always authentic.

You may not always agree with me.

That’s good.

I aim to provoke – not to polarize. My motto is “strong opinions, loosely held.”

My goal is that after you read each issue of The Global Guru, you’ll feel that you’ve learned something interesting.

Occasionally, you may even have an “aha moment” that shifts your perspective.

And if that’s the case, writing The Global Guru will have been worth it.

The Global Guru 2.0

UP until recently, I have been publishing my writing through financial publishers.

Moving The Global Guru to an independent platform has three benefits.

First, it allows me a more independent voice, free from editorial interference.

Now, I am free to call bullshit on meme stocks, cryptocurrencies, disruptive tech, SPACs, and other Wall Street narratives du jour.

Ridiculing cryptocurrencies does not always mesh well with financial publishers. Particularly when a sizable chunk of the company’s revenues come from “crypto advisory services.”

Second, it spares you from the relentless onslaught of sleazy newsletter subscription promotions.

Third, it spares me of the ignominy of having my best writing go straight to spam.

So go ahead and poke around the website archives to get a feel for The Global Guru.

If you like what you see, go ahead and subscribe.

And remember, The Global Guru is free.

By my reckoning, that makes it a bargain at twice the price.

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